Pinnacle – A Unique Train The Trainer Certification Program:

If you are a experienced or even if you are looking to transition to a career as speaker, trainer, coach, educator or consultant, then we have a fantastic opportunity for you to enhance your personal and professional effectiveness.
We at Sanda Excellence are offering an opportunity to enroll for a uniquely powerful Train The Trainer Program.
Two of the key drivers for enhancement of a person are success and self-esteem. Individuals who have high self esteem have either already attained success or are on the path to success they have the ability to transform their careers… to improve their relationships… to help themselves and others in making better choices… and encouraging others to take charge of their future.
We at Sanda Excellence now bring this opportunity for you to enhance the lives of others, what’s even better is that you’ll benefit personally from these principles, too!
So, whether you work with or train people on a one to one basis, or in a small group setting or even in their thousands, you will discover techniques, training, tools, resources and the experience to transform lives.

Sunaina Kadam
Corporate.Trainer – PRISM
[email protected]

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