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The premium direct selling consulting agency specializing in marketing strategies, business development and customer satisfaction trainings, compensation plan development especially for companies using the MLM compensation plans , designing of standard operating procedures , product development and success.

The World Federation of Direct Selling (WFDSA) states in its latest report that the official turnover of generated sales volume is US $169 billion. With more than 89.7 million registered independent sales people involved in selling and distributing goods and services worldwide it is easy to see and understand why these figures are achieved.

It also explains why there has never been a decline in sales revenue even in times of recession. These numbers only capture a segment of companies (that have joined the WFDSA). The products and services marketed and retailed via independent direct sellers or distributors cover almost all consumer goods and services. It is also an undeniable fact that any company not currently considering the power of direct sales is missing out on what could potentially be the greatest marketing medium available today.

Strategy India, one of the most powerful and influential direct sales support agencies in India today is available to guide, advise, and assist companies from around the world as they look to ways and means of establishing a successful presence in the booming Asian market.

The Strategy India direct selling consultancy advantage:

  • An experienced team of Network Marketing professionals
  • Over 85 years of cumulative expertise in the Direct Selling business
  • A team with dynamic energy
  • A determined team that gets the job done
  • A team with major corporate experience
  • A team with an astute understanding of what needs to be done to get the job done – Successfully
  • Access to the best local and global expertise

You have the questions? We have the answers!

In today’s extremely competitive and dynamic market scenario, one needs to have answers to questions - both asked and not asked.

There is a recipe for success, but the ingredient mix changes from product to product, country to country and company to company.

Our experience knows the exact mix that will provide you with the success that you seek.

Why Strategy India?

Strategy India is a specializes as a direct selling consultancy firm with an uncanny no nonsense approach towards business providing every client with precise information, advice and solutions required to be successful in the Asian market, backed by thorough market research, in-depth analysis, and accurate execution.

We understand the aspirations and requirements of our clients and their distributors.

More than 80 Companies have already been given the Strategy India edge.

Are you ready to get the edge?

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