About Us

Be it the new startups, that are looking to launch or existing companies, seeking to revitalize their image or international companies looking to expand - Strategy India will drastically reduce the risk of failure by implementing ideas that actually work.

Strategy India is the complete ‘one stop shop’ for direct sales support. Strategy India can become your partner to dramatically increase your success and reduce chances of failure.

Combining both international and local experience Strategy India can

  • Advice, guide and support existing businesses who want to accelerate growth and prepare strategies for the next phase of development.
  • Provide easy and cost effective market entry for new players. The resources you need to get going are in one place as is the experience to support. This avoids costly delays and use of financial and people resources going through an unnecessary ‘learning curve.’
  • Assist International businesses wanting to expand into India with on ground support that will speed up entry, save money and give safe and secure advice from known and trusted partners.
  • Provide an international platform for overseas development of Indian companies. We have worked in all major countries and have a network of contacts that can provide easy and safe international expansion.
  • Source innovative direct sales products that will wow Indian consumers and provide the fuel for your business growth.

We Understand Direct Selling because of our experience:

We know -

  • What makes Direct Selling so powerful?
  • What makes it so challenging?
  • What is the real spirit of Direct Selling?
  • What differentiates it from traditional business?

It is this complete understanding that enables Strategy India to deliver the best, each time to each client, with the focus on time tested strategies that are guaranteed to work.

Strategy India does not reinvent the wheel. It will just tweak it enough so that it fits your vehicle.

Mission and Vision:

Strategy India is driven by the zeal to excel in every endeavor that it undertakes.

The success of our client’s expansion is our top priority and we will deploy all our skills and expertise to help them achieve it.

We will continue to work to enhance our knowledge and hone our skills according to the changes in this dynamic marketplace.

Our focus will be on giving the client precise and correct advice that will help them enhance their chances of success.

We will work towards creating long lasting business relationships that are mutually beneficial. The loyalty and trust of our clients are the pillars on which we have created our foundation.

We will continue to work towards creating a better and ethical Direct Selling Industry in India.