Social Media Marketing & Management

Having an online presence is not only restricted to having a website, reaching out to people across the boundaries is vital to disseminate the right information to the target audience at the right moment. The activity on the online medium not only gives an advantage to the direct selling company but also helps build credibility among its peers.

Our experience with business development strategies for direct selling companies as well as the safeguards which are to be taken while developing the creatives and content gives us the superiority over other agencies in the arena.

Compensation plans, Policies, and Procedures, Code of Conduct along with other standard parts like Product offers and Recognition are also promoted on the social media platforms with utmost care.

We also monitor various online platforms for any types of misrepresentation done by the direct sellers with regards to the business model or unsubstantiated product claims and bring it to notice of our clients for scrutiny before it snowballs into a controversy.