Core Team

Strategy India is more than just a team of direct selling consultants; it's an alliance of the best experts available in the industry combining local understanding and knowledge with International experience and contacts

There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ - It’s all about teamwork and Strategy India is gifted with a team of individuals who have the skill, the knowledge and the expertise that matters the most when looking to take a business to new heights of success.

Chris Bolsover - Executive Vice President

chris Chris has over 35 years senior management experience in direct sales and consumer marketing working with major US, Japanese and Indian corporations.

Chris has had the honour of working closely with 2 of the most influential individuals in the history of MLM - Rich DeVos, Founder of the MLM industry and Amway founder and with industry icon and direct sales guru, Mark Hughes founder of Herbalife International. Chris says, 'I had the opportunity to learn from the very best, this was a privilege and enabled me to fully understand the philosophy, ethics and all facets that drives the successful companies.' Rich DeVos announced to key Amway executives that Chris was one of the 5 people in the Amway Corporation that fully understand this business.

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Starting with Sanyo Electronics in Australia Chris was part of the phenomenal growth the company experienced in the 1970s. Chris started as NSW State Sales Administrator and after five promotions in two years became National Marketing Services Manager. The position involved dealing with product development, national major accounts liaison and advertising and promotional campaigns. 'Sanyo that's Life!' TV commercial made in Australia was so successful it went worldwide and as the driving theme of the company.

In 1979 Chris was head hunted to Amway Australia starting as Marketing Administration Manager and was soon promoted to National Marketing Manager for Australia and New Zealand. The success of Amway Australia jumping from sales of $30m to just under $300m earned Chris a promotion to Europe as General Manager Amway UK and Ireland. This was a business declining for three years - Chris and the team turned this around in eighteen months. He was then promoted to European Marketing Manager with also direct regional management responsibilities for 5 countries. The European business flourished from around $66m in sales to over $600m in 4 years. He then promoted to being Corporate Director of the $3bn Health and Beauty Division at the Head Quarters in Ada Michigan.

In 1994 he was head hunted by Mark Hughes of Herbalife International as EVP Global Corporate Marketing. This department did not exist and Chris therefore created Global Corporate Marketing based in LA whilst still holding regional management responsibilities for Europe and Russia. The Herbalife business grew from $800m to $1.8billion during this period.

Chris moved on in 1999 and created a complete start up for a French Fashion House Luxelle International. He has also worked in India turning around and developing the first Indian direct seller Modicare India Ltd.

During his long career Chris has been known for his marketing and product development expertise and his ability as CEO to turnaround countries in every region of the world. Working in all major countries of the world including India I am cognizant of the need to adapt the direct sales business model and some of the universal laws of this industry to the local culture. Strategies come from careful research, understanding of local conditions and experience.

Chris recently has developed two of his own successful companies in product supply to the direct sales industry.

At Strategy India we want to work with clients that are serious about succeeding, who want to build an ethical long term sustainable business and on projects that are interesting and challenging. India is now one of the most exciting places in the world for direct selling and we want to assist the industry achieve its full potential. During my career I have seen how this industry helps millions upon millions of average people develop and change their lives forever, working with Strategy India I am delighted to be part of this business phenomena in India.

David Hooker - Executive Vice President

david David began his direct sales career starting selling door to door and building to a very successful distributor over 40 years ago.

'I started on the bottom rung and have learnt direct selling from an independent new distributors point of view graduating to field leader leadership and on to senior executive positions with major corporations around the world. I know this business inside out as I have learnt every step of the way'.

Over the years David has held senior executive positions with most of the major international corporations such as Herbalife International, Lifestyles International, Modicare India, Nature's Sunshine Products, etc. leading them to ultimate success with their International business development programs.

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He has also influenced millions more with his training and motivational courses designed specifically for the direct sales industry. 'Because I have a great empathy with distributors and a love of the industry I am able to put into my trainings motivation backed up by education'. He has developed a reputation for teaching what he knows to have been proven to be successful not only by others but by his own personal experience by putting what he has learned into practice.

In 1985, David was headhunted personally by Mark Hughes and Larry Thompson to join Herbalife International - Europe, a position that he held for many years helping to develop many of the leaders that are still prospering with that company today.

David has built a strong reputation and following amongst distributors as well as corporate leaders for his enthusiasm, his ability to get the job done regardless of the challenges as well as his personal commitment to success. He has successfully opened offices in 34 countries, staffed and trained all personnel as well as cleared various products for approvals.

He has served as a direct selling consultant to hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs leading them to be direct selling Millionaires to the success they enjoy now. His savoir faire and credentials as an author, TV presenter, public speaker and Direct Sales consultant are recognized internationally, in 33 countries.

He has is great demand for mentoring by organizations throughout the globe. The practicum he carries is renowned for substantial funds and resources saving, foiling exhausting frustrations, and maximizes your earnings potential as you take your company to the next level.

He is a renowned author, presenter as well as the host of the Canadian TV show 'Mind Your Own Business' dedicated to the development of entrepreneurs. He is also the creator of 'Setting the New Gold Standard' (now available through Strategy India) a leadership and business development program that takes individuals, business leaders and corporations to the next level and beyond.

Fredrik Widell - Managing Consultant

fredrik 20 years in leading executive positions around the world, both as the “CEO” for several large direct selling – MLM Companies as well as the “Head of Region” for Asia Pacific, for Oriflame, a Public multibillion dollar company.

Fredrik handled organizations of thousands of people with turnover in excess of US $250 million.

Fredrik’s Career spans through 3 Continents and over 20 markets with majority of time spent in Asia.

Apart from starting up business in several countries he has lead companies in Japan, S. Korea, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

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Fredrik had the honour of addressing up to 12,000 direct sellers and prospects in several continents on more than 2000 occasions.

He holds a Bachelors’ Degree in International Business from Schiller University in London, England.

Outside of employment assignments Fredrik also had the honour to preside as the Chairman for the IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association), a self governing body representing the Direct selling industry in India.

Fredrik is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Swedish Army.

He specializes in helping direct selling companies and its executives with operational and strategic challenges along with leadership coaching and people development.

Pranjal R Daniel - Chief Strategist

daniel It is his high level of rich experiences, his natural research instincts, and his communication skills that have led him to become the most sought after business advisor in India today. Day after day his advice is being sought out by governmental bodies, international corporations as well as media throughout the world.

Having the full understanding of the direct selling business model as a consumer, direct seller, corporate executive and a successful direct selling MLM consultant helps him guide Strategy India as they develop the policies and guidelines which are fair to the consumers, direct sellers, and companies alike.

This experience and knowledge guides companies through the regulatory hurdles that create challenges for today and tomorrow in developed and developing countries.

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High work ethic, strategic thinking with more than a decade of experience in direct selling gives Pranjal and his team a distinctive edge over legal advisory firms who are restricted by existing laws with no window on the future.

This in-depth knowledge helps him advice the authorities and the enforcement agencies whom he guides and advises on scams and schemes.

“Strategies we deploy for companies comes from knowledge whether that be; research, the law, understanding what others have done right and wrong, and both local and international experience. Knowing what the goals are of a company and devising the strategies and tactics to get them there is the most exhilarating experience for me.”

“While our Clients’ information is kept completely confidential, our learning curve on challenges and opportunities that every company faces enables Strategy India to quickly and effectively help our clients. Most of these challenges and opportunities are similar. We get the benefit of having implemented strategies many times that most companies only do once. An example of this is market entry. You get one chance to do it right and cost effectively. We are a guide that knows the territory well.”

It is through his vision of a vibrant and successful industry in India he has surrounded himself with the best and most experienced people in the industry globally which is why Strategy India is the #1 Direct selling MLM consultancy not only in India but globally as well.

Pranjal specializes in Policy development and compliance, Trend forecasting, Competitive advantage, Regulatory strategies, Decision process facilitation and Strategic capability enhancement.