Core Team

Strategy India is more than just a team of direct selling consultants; it's an alliance of the best experts available in the industry combining local understanding and knowledge with International experience and contacts

There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ - It’s all about teamwork and Strategy India is gifted with a team of individuals who have the skill, the knowledge and the expertise that matters the most when looking to take a business to new heights of success.

Chris Bolsover

Executive Vice President

Chris has over 35 years senior management experience in direct sales and consumer marketing working with major US, Japanese and Indian corporations.

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David Hooker

Executive Vice President

David began his direct sales career starting selling door to door and building to a very successful distributor over 40 years ago.

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Fredrik Widell

Managing Consultant

Fredrik had the honour of addressing up to 12,000 direct sellers and prospects in several continents on more than 2000 occasions.

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Pranjal R Daniel

Chief Strategist

Pranjal specializes in Policy development and compliance, Trend forecasting, Competitive advantage, Regulatory strategies, Decision process facilitation and Strategic capability enhancement.

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