Investment opportunities

Investments are the bloodline of a business, and the right set of investors can create a paradise for the management while the misguided ones can sink the business and with it the aspirations and years of the toil of thousands of direct sellers.

From helping you find investors, to handholding you in sealing the deal, from helping you find a suitable buyer for your business to aiding you in a spin-off, We do it all!

We ensure a smooth transition of business and injection of investments in a way that optimises the finances of the seller and ensures the continued success of the Direct Selling company in the long run.

Finding that best fitting shoe for Cinderella, assuring the best investment choice for you is our prime goal. We help you in attracting that befitting investment via the following services: Evaluation of your company on various parameters to help you put the best foot forward for a well-priced deal. Your company's strengths must be highlighted, drawbacks should be corrected, and grey areas must be gauged carefully to achieve the best possible deal.

The business valuation is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the entire process, especially for a Direct Selling company where the direct sellers are also the consumers, customers and the brand ambassadors. It will help you achieve the highest, most accurate and the most attractive investment.

A company may be doing very well, but if its strengths are not emphasised in the right way, the company may stand at a disadvantage. The experts at our firm will help you with the following in this respect:

  • Designing tailormade Presentations, Reports and Advertisements.
  • Developing and creating publicity campaigns for print and other online mediums.
  • Highlighting the areas of improvement in the business for getting noticed in the Direct Selling industry worldwide.
  • Advising on ways to create more visibility for the network marketing company among the target audience.

Apart from the above, the Right worded and appropriately highlighted campaigns will go a long way in ensuring the success of this entire process. Our team will help your company in:

  • Designing the format, structure and content for expression of interest.
  • Promoting the designed material online and in selected print mediums for optimal exposure.

Zeroing in on the right buyer/investor will be the ultimate goal of the entire exercise. A wrong choice could not only mean inconveniences and financial loss but also denting the legacy of the company. Our specialised team will help you identify the best option.

Effective communication and choicest of experts at your service at all times. Strategy India is well aware of the limited time available at the hand of your personnel as well as the significance of concluding a good deal.

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