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Over recent years the direct selling – MLM industry has come under scrutiny from both the media and the government agencies in almost every country. Although it is not welcome attention - it was inevitable as operational standards have declined in terms of compensation, recruitment, training and compliance which ultimately affect consumer satisfaction.

Strategy India has been very instrumental, working hand in hand with the agencies as well as leading international direct selling companies, in the creation of the "Self-Regulation - Direct Selling Guidelines" (July 29th 2013) which are very simply written in a language that is easily understood by the general public at large enabling law enforcement officials to act where necessary in a fast, effective and efficient manner.

Our strategically placed MLM training and education program, Set the New Gold Standard has been crafted to educate all those either involved in our industry or contemplating to do so, be they corporate executives or field representatives, providing a platform upon which can be successfully built a company that can be assured of longevity and as well as international compliance. By implementing the New Gold Standard program your direct seller base will have greater pride and confidence in themselves and the company which will be seen in increased revenues month by month and year by year.

Your standard of recruitment, your training procedures, MLM Coaching, your understanding of compliance issues and ongoing support sets the standards for continuing success of both the company and the direct seller base.

Through our highly experienced team we can evaluate your processes, material, and MLM training programs from the bottom rung of the ladder where your new direct sellers start right to the very top where all the corporate decisions are made.

Using Strategy India's international training experiences will produce stronger, positive, and cost effective results with far reaching long term impact.

A simple call to one of our offices will result in a tailor-made results oriented program that can be assessed immediately.

Courses offered

  1. Corporate and Direct Seller Compliance: With the advent of stringent new rules to be imposed, this vital course is a must for all those engaged in our industry who have a desire to have continual success and avoid unnecessary legal action.
  2. Employee Development: Employee recruitment and training especially at the executive level is of paramount importance.
  3. Management Development: We have access to almost every executive working within our industries that have shown interest or willingness to expand their horizons by moving to new invigorating companies.
  4. Customer Care: A specialist field in its own right customer care can either make or break your business. We take every step possible to ensure that your customer care department is the best that it can possibly be by utilising the most modern and up to date methodology in use today.
  5. Telecommunication Skills: Your telephone team are the front line of your company. They are your gate keepers and represent your company to the world at large. Through our program we work with your teams as well as provide an ongoing monitoring program that keeps the team up to date and on its toes.
  6. Recruiting Skills: The one area of the business that you actually have very little control over and that can cause your company to be investigated by the authorities are the recruitment activities of your direct seller networks. Through our unique programs we can establish `Train the Trainer` programs geared to monitoring all field activity, ensuring compliance within the stablished Direct Selling Guidelines.
  7. Sales Development: Experience has shown many organisations do not operate a `sales development` program, one in which through well-structured direct seller’s education programs the network base grows. Without such a program the company becomes direct seller driven and not corporate driven which needs to be avoided if "longevity" is the corporate vision.
  8. Presentation Skills: Being a good speaker does not make you a good presenter. A good presentation sells and closes itself but presenters need to be taught how to present. Over the years we have developed many of the industry's top presenters and through our program we can develop yours.

All our training programs are personally led by our executive team and are created and customized based on requirements.


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