Strategy India is more than just a team of direct selling consultants. It's an alliance of the best experts available in the industry combining local understanding and knowledge with International experience and contacts.


What, Why and How for prospective entrants in direct selling

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Asian expansion

The legal and the most cost-effective way to establish in Asian countries

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External support at a fraction of the cost

Specialists with industry experience available for short-term assignments

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Government Agencies

Support services for the government agencies

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MLM Legal & Statutory Compliance

India offers a huge potential for companies with good intentions and products.

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Branded Product Placement

Win-Win matchmaking for unique products and the direct selling company

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Professional Audits

Pinpointing the area of improvements for companies while highlighting the areas to focus on

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Investment opportunities

Insights before investments for individuals or companies wanting a share in this industry

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Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media strategies for company branding and driving traffic to official website

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