There is no doubt that once a direct selling/MLM operation has been established, it can be highly profitable for all concerned, and over time becoming recognized as an internationally recognized household name.

But it also has to be said that there is the risk of it becoming a highly expensive and damaging exercise.

There are many crucial elements that need to be explored minutely - piece by piece.

We ask strong and direct questions to assess your motivation, your goals as well as your vision.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Leadership team
  • Product category &product costs
  • Packaging Type & packaging cost
  • Approvals
  • Guidelines for operations in a territory
  • Research and Development
  • Viability of Localization
  • Compensation plan type and why?
  • Compensation plan viability – Can you afford to pay as per the commitments?
  • Staffing
  • Policies and processes
  • IT – Development of Software requisition specification document, User acceptance tests, Data security, etc.
  • Attractive but legally compliant content for all literature and website
  • Social Media Strategy and Management

These are just a few of the initial conversation topics that we enter into with all our clients.

We believe that by asking these questions we can very quickly ascertain the viability of your project unemotionally and with accuracy.

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