Direct Selling comes of Age

The contribution of direct selling towards skill development and the generation of the earning opportunities is far more impactful and effective than any other business model. Therefore it must be clearly understood and regulated to harness its full potential and eradicate Ponzi scams.


Direct Selling – A Factorial view stemmed in the Romance of Trade

Direct Selling borrows its genesis from one of the world’s oldest professions; trading. People in the olden times traded commodities either for valuables or then bartered them for necessities.

This is how Direct Selling as a business came into being and has now grown into an industry that is worth over 10,000 crores and counting just within India and so much more globally.

The remarkable part about the industry, however, is that it is not a business that generates income and prosperity for just one sector or a particular niche of employees. It is a phenomenon which is far encompassing, absolutely gender and even age neutral, does not require a specific qualification and bears fruit in comparison to the labour and effort invested within it.

This is why it comes as no surprise that Direct Selling is a business model that India has accepted with open arms and is a means of business for over 600 large, medium and tiny organizations across the country providing a mechanism of respectable, honest and valuable livelihood to over 6 million plus individuals engaged with the trade in one way or another.


A Prudent business model

Direct Selling works in a way where your journey establishes not just individuals who will potentially consume, stock and retail products in exchange of a commission but in a way where they will soon become the most trusted and industrial source of brand management for the product portfolio. To be able to sound convincing in front of the end consumer the individual must first be assured of the efficacy that the product brings into the life of the consumer.

It is a fool proof business model that rewards the individual only when the individual has shown the necessary effort, skill, and commitment towards closing one or multiple sales.

Due to factors that we are about to learn more about, the expenditure in terms of capital and infrastructural costs are lower in this form of business model which subsequently also brings you distinct and deserved recognition for doing wonders towards the rapidly growing economy of a developing country and helping immensely in doing away with a prevailing socio-economic divide.


The Dawn of the “Direct Seller”

One of the most significant advantages of the Direct Selling model is the fact that it is a business where you retail and deliver product by individuals to individuals. This means that the business can do away with the middleman, any fixed logistical costs such as transporting and stocking, no front end including shops and stores and hence a lesser staff. All of this translates into significantly lesser costly overheads and considerably higher profits for commissions to the direct sellers.

Some other important factors include a very relatable chance of gratifying themselves in the quest for having an entrepreneurial base and an equally acceptable second income. With very little paperwork and almost no infrastructure required, and with an opportunity to scale the market and develop new contacts it seems like a business model that has far more freedom to do business and several many advantages as compared to anything else that the system and the market allow for. Meeting and learning from an elongated target audience and acquiring, sharpening newer and essential business and soft social skills also come as a very valid bonus, once again something that is not always a possibility in the corporate or technical side of employment or even entrepreneurship.

The direct sellers as we would like to call them also enjoy and reap a sense of instant gratification when they have performed admirably. A good sales report sees in reflection regular rewards including trips to foreign locations, multiple deals concerning products being cheaper and even cash rewards and regular commissions. The relative ease of doing business and the recognition of being entrepreneurial in a society that often celebrates and lauds the spirit of entrepreneurship is also a valuable benefit that they enjoy reaping.


Because the Customer is King

No business can be even remotely prosperous without taking into account the end user who will avail of its products and services. Businesses are dreamt of, envisioned, planned and executed around a strategy that rises and sleeps according to the whims and requirements of the consumer.

The person spending hard earned money to purchase a product or a service is a reason why there is a sense of cyclic fulfilment in the world today and yes in most cases than not it is the customer who is always right and “The King”.

The Direct Selling model is no different and significant measures are put in place to ensure that quality control along with the logistical and service offering is unmatched and perfect at almost every stage of the way. The products and services that are most popular in the  Direct Selling business are in the categories of wellness, beauty, homecare, and consumer durables all of which are needed and often wanted and with the mark of real quality in every walk of society.

Some of the many essential factors why a consumer will prefer to buy and keep buying from a Direct Seller include most importantly a very high quality product and the confidence of satisfaction guarantee . Direct Sellers also tend to be likable and reliable since they are a warm body whom you can always contact in case of any issues concerning the products purchased. The more reputed the Direct Selling, the more popular its brand which makes the end consumer leveraging the product, happy to be in a position not just of trust towards the quality factor but also high on social gratification and recognition.

Direct Selling Products are usually never sold across retails chains, and shops making them exclusive as well as desired due to their limited availability and apparent quality. They also happen to be more reasonably priced when comparing apples to apples and generally more effective as compared to their more market generated retail equivalent.

A Direct Selling Organisation regularly offers you several other advantages and benefits apart from a high-quality product. Some of these include timely and prompt deliveries, the confidence to purchase due to the satisfaction and service guarantees in place which are legally prescribed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs for Direct Selling Businesses, multiple payment options and of course the periodic offers, schemes and other such promotions which are beneficial in terms of economics for the consumer.


A Rapidly Rising Industry

This is why a Direct Selling Business is a one-stop shop where almost every member of the family stays interested in a product or a service that meets their needs. It is a proper blend of technology mixed with human interaction and can be accessed from remote and smart devices making it not just handy but also easy to order from. It is not just a standard word of mouth enterprises that lives and dies with the efforts that its owner is willing to put in. It is a fast-growing and rapidly enterprising behemoth which through the right channels of Experience Centres, Shops in shops and especially E-Commerce is spreading its wings into a direction of the sky that has largely been untapped concerning growth and progressive development.