Direct selling – SL/MLM compensation plan guidelines

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Direct selling - MLM guidelines ideated, drafted and published by the team of Strategy India - First version was submitted to the central government in July 2013.

Focus on sustainability the Direct selling – SL/MLM compensation plan guidelines are developed after conducting in-depth study on Direct selling operations (Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited liability partnership, Private limited), Chit Funds, NBFC’s (Non-banking financial companies), RNBC’s (Residuary Non-Banking financial companies), Multi State Co-operative societies, Banks, Collective investment schemes, Ponzi’s and Pyramids deploying Single level compensation plans and Multilevel marketing compensation plans being promoted via Direct, Single level structure and Multilevel structure of direct sellers / agents / distributors / consultants / advisors, etc.

These guidelines include negative product list and are not restricted to any industry or sector which make them robust and effective.

Not only will the guidelines ensure the protection of customer/consumer who is also covered by Consumer Protection Act but will also protect the Direct seller/Agent/Distributor/Consultant, etc. against investing relations / time / money / energy in unsustainable business models.

The business models not following the parameters could very well be booked under the PCMC (B) Act 1978 – which should be given more teeth (hopefully in 2016) to punish the fraudsters.

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