Social Media Marketing for the direct selling – MLM companies

Social Media Marketing for the direct selling - MLM companies

Strategy India is an organization which feels, breathes, and reacts to every spike and ebb in the pulse of the direct selling industry not just in India but across the globe. Being MLM and direct selling advisors for well over the past decade, Strategy India is adept at almost every single facet to ensure a successful, compliant, and profitable direct selling organization.

For a direct selling organization, marketing products takes a slightly less traditional route and while the mediums across the board mostly tend to remain the same, the language, tone of voice, visuals and so on have to be carefully designed and devised so as to stay within the ambit of all compliances while still being an attractive enough proposition for the end consumer to be reacting to. We must understand that the customer for almost every single direct selling product is spoilt mainly for choice in the retail market.

Social Media

Social Media plays a vital role in marketing the products and the business opportunity today. While we grew up, we were part of the digitized era and sensitized to several forms of advertising from print to electronic and included almost every physical medium such as newspapers and magazines, the radios, our TVs and even outdoor hoardings, billboards, posters, bus shelters and more. As we rapidly and surely progress, social media and its many platforms are the ‘go-to’ place for brands to be peddling their wares. Social media is more impactful, less wasteful, cheaper, more accurate in terms of finding and impacting a pre-defined target audience and most importantly, more contemporary.

Social Media and the Direct Seller

In the direct selling space and across the industry, social media plays an integral role in reaching out to direct sellers and end consumer who may not always be close to where the action is. The Direct selling model of business relies heavily on being able to have the direct seller networks spread far and wide from the nerve center or the headquarters of the organization; the more the reach, the better and faster the growth. However, in this process, one may distance the workforce when not in everyday contact with them. For established organizations having a substantial direct selling workforce, it is practically impossible to be in touch with this workforce daily apart from the medium of social media.

Social media carries the message of the company far and wide for relatively no cost, thus helping the direct sellers to stay abreast with new and existing products, terms and conditions, the direct selling model and its details, new promotions and just about everything else that they need to know.

Social Media and Strategy India

Strategy India, as mentioned earlier, is an organization with a pulse of the industry with ears to the ground, and an eye for the future. Most organizations tend to outsource their social media function to recognized and experienced professionals who have a proven history and track record. However, most advertising or digital marketing agencies do not have but a cursory understanding of the direct selling model. This can translate into designing and conceptualizing creative routes and strategies which may be in direct conflict of the direct selling and MLM norms and laws of the country.

On the other hand, it helps when the organization handling your social media marketing is also a Direct Selling consultancy of repute and has amongst other organizations advised the government officials no less. Strategy India also employs dedicated social media designers, content developers/copywriters, and strategists but approaches each creative job through the prism of complete clarity, full honest disclosure, and steadfast compliance. This helps to bring out the very essence and nature of your direct selling effort through the medium of the teams behind the organization, the products and services and, of course, most importantly the direct selling function.

The Strategy India Input

Our dedicated social media set up is capable of churning out multiple digital collaterals, in a shorter period at competitive rates, thanks to our in-depth understanding of the direct selling market. Bundled with our other consultancy services, we offer a complete one-stop, single-point solution for the brand and product managers within your organization.

Strategy India keeps a sharp eye on what can and should be promised to the end consumer by way of content and what should not be written or published. By having a keen sense of what the industry allows in terms of compliance, our social media marketing team at Strategy India drafts content and design visuals only in a way where they are 100% compliant with the logic of the business model including the guidelines and the laws of the land.

This way your social media platforms are interactive, attractive, carrying the right messages and yet entirely within the ambit of all that’s legal helping you and the organization earn a reputation of value, trust, and credence. That’s precisely everything you need, from a partner and consultant, especially in a tricky and sometimes volatile retail environment.