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The strength that is “Strategy India”

For more than a decade Strategy India has been the “Go-To” company for corporate executives from all parts of the globe who are seeking advice and guidance on either establishing a Direct Sales operation or endeavouring to make their corporation 100% compliant in light of the continually evolving governmental rules and regulations that apply to the direct selling- MLM industry.

Strategy India’s reputation has become so synonymous with success that police departments, legal consultancy firms, as well as governmental departments are regularly calling on Strategy India to either make comment on proposed legislation, as well train officials to identify and investigate sustainable/ legitimate as well as unsustainable / non-legitimate organisations.

You will know that you and your business are in safe and secure knowledgeable hands as we create the support structure necessary for longevity for your customers, direct sellers and your executive team.

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Scenario Worldwide

There is no doubt in our minds that Direct Selling- MLM is here to stay regardless of what the pundits and critics say.

It is an amazing method for product marketing and distribution, offers tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and has, and will continue to change the lives of the average person.

That being said those who criticize the industry are quite right to do so due to the fact that there are a number of operators who operate unethically with very little concern for the damage that they have caused to the customers, their direct sellers and the industry.

Sadly, one bad apple in the bowl can damage all the other apples which is currently the case.

So many companies are now under unnecessary scrutiny because everyone is being tarred with the same brush which is why it is essential that all direct selling companies especially the ones compensating using the MLM compensation plan become extra vigilant in terms of in house compliance, external compliance, updated Policies and Procedures, terms and conditions, definitions, long form compensation plan explanations, direct seller structure as well as viability of the entire operation.

Many, if not all companies are being directed by ex-direct sellers, or strong field “leaders” (direct sellers) who have no understanding of what can and cannot be said, written, stated, implied ultimately taking the company down the path to ruin.

Strategy India, with its presence in India, North America and South Africa are well placed to ensure that with the ever changing environment you will be protected from the damage that can be caused through ignorance, blindness, or over enthusiastic direct sellers.