Social Awareness drive

Over recent years direct selling industry has come under scrutiny from both the media and the government agencies in almost every country. Although it is not a welcome attention, it is inevitable as operational standards have declined in terms of compensation, sponsoring, training and compliance which ultimately affect consumer satisfaction.

This is crucial at the time when consumer expectations are rising and very soon we will see the implementation of improvised COPRA in India.

Strategy India is committed to the industry and dedicates considerable amount of time and resources towards social awareness in direct selling and educating the government agencies (Enforcement and investigation) and train their personnel to understand the industry better and help them identify and act against the unsustainable (illegal) operations with deceptive business models.

The activities include:

  1. Conducting workshops on direct selling business models
  2. Conducting workshops for understanding the modus operandi of 6 types of operations which deploy the MLM compensation plans and the best methods of investigation
  3. Conducting research and analysis of operations deploying MLM compensation plans and passing on actionable data to the nodal officials.
  4. Advice on measures to be deployed to minimize the instances of deceptive and unviable operations
  5. Actionable intelligence on habitual offenders including promoters, support agencies, etc.