Creating A Compelling Future In Direct Selling

Creating a future takes time and patience, especially if you do not know what that future looks like, or even frustration when you do know what it looks like but are too impatient to plan and live it.

Too many people get involved with Direct Selling - MLM under the misguided perception that because the commission structure looks good, that making the money will be easy. That is because they’ve convinced themselves, that if the product looks good and the management team has the experience (on paper), that your success is guaranteed. Let us tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Your success, and the type of lifestyle that you seek, has absolutely nothing to do with external sources or forces – everything depends on YOU. Corporations do not make you successful; it is your efforts and the efforts of others that make corporations successful.


We are all so good at planning. Planning is easy, it is simple, just write it down and the planning is finished. I wonder how many pieces of note paper you have around your home with plans written on them. Plans that were exciting to plan, to talk about, to fantasise about, yet somehow were never implemented.

You are not alone. Everyone has at some time or another planned but failed to execute those plans. These are the people that go to their graves saying, if only I had...! These are the same people that blame their lack of success in the direct selling world on others, the system, the government, their spouse, politics, the product, the leadership, the plan. They never blame themselves because they are the planners, not the implementers. It’s called “Buckshot Blame” because everyone and everything gets hit in their attempts to save face in their own eyes. You don’t blame a ladder because you failed to put your foot squarely on the rung when climbing it do you?

Implementers get the job done, they have focus, they are determined against all odds, they are prepared to make changes, they are flexible, and more importantly they rely on themselves to get the job done and not on others. They also know the one secret ingredient to success:

“All change occurs in the present.
Don’t put off till tomorrow that can be done today.”


If you haven’t already structured your priorities you will not be travelling very far on your journey for a successful and satisfying future. Therefore, focus on what is important today. What elements require attention? What changes need to be made? Make a list, and then prioritize it, because it is a well-known fact that what you focus on is what you get.

Through determination and actively focusing on the ultimate goal, regardless of external influences, you will start to generate an energised powerhouse capable of overcoming any and all obstacles. It is that focused energy that is the root cause of success.

We all know that the sun is hot, and if we stay in the sun long enough that it might create a burning sensation on our skin. But if we focus that heat, and could channel it into just one spot not only would the burning sensation be increased but it could burst into flames. A good example would be with a magnifying glass – focused heat magnified (energized) – you are that magnifying glass.


Don’t expect success over night, it never happens. Don’t get frustrated and impatient if things don’t happen fast enough for you. Just be patient and persistent and it will happen. If you could take just one aspect of your life, or business, and improve upon it by just 1% per day, in 100 days that aspect would be perfect – in just 100 days.

In Canada, where I live I am surrounded by farmers who are out toiling the fields day and night in all weather, oblivious to the negativity in their lives because they know the law of harvest – Producing creates abundance.

The same principle applies in the world of direct selling and MLM – being a producer will create an abundance of wealth and happiness. So you must become a producer, a farmer planting the seeds of change not only in the lives of others but in your life as well – for things to change you have to change first.

“If you want something you’ve never had before,
You have to do something you’ve never done before.”

Plant the seed of change in your life, in every aspect, regardless of external forces. Feed that seed, nourish it, and care for it every single day without expecting results every day. Don’t worry about the flower; focus on developing the roots all the time remembering that you are the main root and that everything else is an off-shoot.

Don’t slow down once when you see the flower because the roots need constant attention, to receive in abundance you must give in abundance. Once you have disciplined yourself now is the time to teach the same process and principles to others.

Focus, determination, persistence, and patience – and finally belief in your own decision making processes. It is your life, build it as you want it built.

SI-Worldwide is the international consultancy and training division of Strategy India – The above article has been taken from their Personal Orientation Training Program designed to help individuals develop the processes for creating a future that they desire. To obtain more information on this program and other development programs send an email to [email protected].