Helping Start-up Direct Selling Operations

Direct Selling - MLM business model has its unique advantages. It not only reaches out to a targeted and specific consumer segment, along with giving a better leveraging of USPs, it can also potentially create a huge product and brand loyalty.

For companies wanting to set up a Direct Selling vertical, Strategy India offers a complete hand holding service for setting up the business vertical.

  1. Developing the Business Plan with Financials.
  2. Assisting in formation of a core team for establishment.
  3. Helping in connecting with reliable and experienced support agencies.
  4. Development of policies and procedures (SOP’s).
  5. Hand holding in all strategic decisions.
  6. Assistance in developing a Go To market strategy.
  7. Coordinating with support agencies to reduce the turnaround time.
  8. Development of training systems for Direct Sellers and corporates.
  9. Development of SRS with advice on user experience enhancements.
  10. Making representations about the business model to officials in the police and other investigation agencies on state and national level to reduce risk of being mistaken as Ponzi or a Pyramid scam/scheme.
  11. Development of a Compensation Plan: In any direct selling business (SLM/MLM), Compensation Plan is very vital to the success of the business. It actually makes or breaks the business delivery.
  12. Product Development and Promotion: The core of any genuine Direct Selling company is its product range. Hence developing of new products internally or identifying products suitable for your business externally, is an ongoing process and equally critical for any growing and evolving Direct Selling company.
  13. Development & Induction: Strategy India works closely with the product development team of the company and helps them identify new products. From developing of new products to tie-up with existingmanufacturers and induction into the company, Strategy India offers a comprehensive end to end solution.
  14. Development of code of conduct and compliance training for the direct sellers.