Human Resources & Manpower Support Services

Efficient human resource forms an integral part of any organization, more so for any consumer interface organization. Though hiring the right manpower is easier said than done, ensuring that the workforce relates and follows the company vision and policy is equally important.

Broadly, Strategy India offers the following –

  1. Placement Services – Strategy India is associated with some of the experienced placement agencies around the world which gives it access to a large database of skilled candidates who are capable and experienced in the Direct Selling Arena.
  2. HR Policy, Process & Development – Strategy India help and support to define HR policies including performance management processes. Not only does this enable us to find the right person for the right job for start-ups, it also enables us to offer streamlined recruitment services to companies who are looking to revamp their workforce.
  3. Training & Development: Training and development forms an integral part of the business development - in any Direct Selling organization. Strategy India imparts trainings that are not only dynamic but also continuous and rigorous. Every direct selling company ideally should always have a strong training and development program for both internal manpower and external network. Trainings will boost their confidence and provide in-depth understanding of the business model, this in turn will boost their confidence and will positively affect the business.