IT infrastructure development and Support (Partner Services)

Website / Webshop : What is the right platform? How should it be designed, How should it be made fit for international expansion, How should it work, and How should it be integrated into the rest of the tech currently deployed by the company? Fundamentally, the site needs to be designed and built to make the highest conversions possible in sales and recruitment.

Learning Management System : Carry out a requirements definition exercise for the whole learning management and deployment piece for India and other geographies for the company.

  • Look at a platform assessment process and help the IT team with the purchase and integration of a new LMS within the IT ecosystem.
  • Help define and design the types and format of learning materials.
  • Help define the APIs for the IT team to build that will allow the LMS to be automated and respond to actions and events initiated by the company or the direct seller.

Business tools for direct sellers : Help define, design, and specify what online business and marketing tools the company needs to deploy to support its Direct seller base. The correct tools, designed and deployed correctly, can massively boost Direct sellers' ability to recruit and sell products. We would produce a road map and system specification for the IT team to build a business and marketing tools App for Direct sellers.

Commission Calculation platform :  Review the function and architecture of the current commission platform. Review how it works and is integrated with the rest of the ecosystem and what elements might be changed, upgraded,  or added to add value to the business and make operating it easier for the Direct sellers.

Third-party marketing and Analysis tools :  Look at what tools and systems are being used to run the marketing and data analysis and if this could be improved to aid conversions and recruitment. The output would be a series of suggestions on the deployment and configuration of various platforms.

APIs : There must be a seamless ecosystem for Direct sellers and the company that will allow the different pieces of the technology ecosystem to share information, add efficiency, automate some tasks, and provide detailed reporting.

Applications : How can the company adapt to the changing e-commerce environment and use App based platforms to support its Direct sellers and businesses?

Maintenance, Management, and Upgrades : What is your IT team's SLA with the business? Does it help both the IT team and the business? What are the IT team's agreed goals and development aims, and how do these goals support the business?

This activity ensures that the direct selling company has an IT strategy aligned with the business goals, is designed to support the maximum amount of sales conversions and recruitment, provides compliance and has a development road map.