Marketing and Communication

Strategy India believes that knowledge on current competition at the ground level, Economic & Innovative means for promotions, Creative flair, imagination, knowledge and understanding of the Indian psyche and the desire to stand out from the crowd are the key ingredients which determines the marketing and communication policy leading to the success of any market penetration campaign.

The greatest majority of the world's population lives in Asia, and as the world becomes smaller (through advanced communications), the influence of the West increases, and the desire to have a better life style increases with search for the "perfect" opportunity leading to financial independence.

It is therefore of utmost importance that every marketing message be honed to perfection attracting the greatest interest of all sectors for both consumers and direct sellers.

Our team of experts working with qualified agencies helps and supports its clients to:

  • Define an appropriate Marketing & Communication Strategy matching the market dynamics and the company’s product and business objectives
  • Content Development and Creative’s matching the marketing strategy
  • Help design and develop Marketing Tools & Merchandise
  • Organise Events Seminars and workshops for Business and Products Launches, Sales & Business Promotion Campaigns, Trainings and Corporate Conferences etc.