Pranjal R Daniel – Chief Strategist

It is his high level of rich experiences, his natural research instincts, and his communication skills that have led him to become the most sought-after business advisor in India today. Day after day his advice is being sought out by governmental bodies, international corporations as well as media throughout the world.

Having the full understanding of the direct selling business model as a consumer, direct seller, corporate executive, and a successful direct selling MLM consultant helps him guide Strategy India as they develop the policies and guidelines which are fair to the consumers, direct sellers, and companies alike.

This experience and knowledge guide companies through the regulatory hurdles that create challenges for today and tomorrow in developed and developing countries.

High work ethic, strategic thinking with more than 18 years of experience in direct selling gives Pranjal and his team a distinctive edge over legal advisory firms who are restricted by existing laws with no window on the future.

This in-depth knowledge helps him advise the authorities and the enforcement agencies whom he guides and advises on scams and schemes.

“Strategies we deploy for companies comes from knowing whether that be; research, the law, understanding what others have done right and wrong, and both local and international experience. Knowing what the goals are for a company and devising the strategies and tactics to get them there is the most exhilarating experience for me.”

“While our Clients’ information is kept completely confidential, our learning curve on challenges and opportunities that every company faces enables Strategy India to quickly and effectively help our clients. Most of these challenges and opportunities are similar. We get the benefit of having implemented strategies many times that most companies only do once. An example of this is a market entry. You get one chance to do it right and cost-effectively. We are a guide that knows the territory well.”

It is through his vision of a vibrant and successful industry in India he has surrounded himself with the best and most experienced people in the industry globally which is why Strategy India is the #1 Direct selling MLM consultancy not only in India but globally as well.

Pranjal specializes in Policy development and compliance, Trend forecasting, Competitive advantage, Regulatory strategies, Decision process facilitation and Strategic capability enhancement.