Compensation Plan

  1. The commissions/incentives should only be paid out on the retail of product/s.
  2. Additional Recommendations from Strategy India

    The direct seller should have the opportunity to earn by retailing of products even though he may not have introduced any direct sellers in his/her tree structure/marketing organization.

  3. Additional Recommendations from Strategy India

    There should be no compulsion or the minimum purchase criteria to activate and start earning income from the compensation plan.
    In other words, there should be no compulsion on the direct seller to buy products of a particular sum after or during enrolment.
    However, the direct seller should -purchase for self-consumption and/or retail to meet the criteria as per the eligibility conditions defined in the compensation plan to qualify for an income.

  4. No charge/fees for enrolment.
  5. No commissions/incentives or rewards should be given/offered to the direct sellers for enrolment of new direct sellers.
  6. Payment of Incentives/Commission - The payment of commissions/incentives should be made without fail and delay as per the commitments of the compensation plan followed by the company.
  7. Additional Recommendations from Strategy India

    Calculations for all the illustrations used for explaining the compensation plan (online and offline) should be done and shown in Indian rupees only.

  8. Additional Recommendations from Strategy India

    Equal Opportunity - The company should follow a single ID per individual policy and not promote and/or offer multiple IDs to people while not encouraging direct sellers to offer/provide power legs/existing network of direct sellers or additional incentives to prospects or other direct sellers. The company should also not offer additional incentives other than those mentioned in the compensation plan. The promotions launched by the company in public domain from time to time is however allowed.

  9. The company should not provide commitments of returns on investment/s (on purchase of product/s or without the purchase of product/s) in the form of interest, salary, loan, help, donation, market development fees and support fund to/through the direct sellers, to any individual/s.
  10. Additional Recommendations from Strategy India

    The company should not generate or pay-out or commit commissions/incentives against part payment or advance received against the sale or future commitment to sell any product/s.

  11. Additional Recommendations from Strategy India

    The company should not deduct any charges (except Tax deducted at source) from pay-outs of the direct sellers.

  12. The company should deduct (Tax deducted at source) from the pay-outs to the direct sellers
    • TDS @ 10% in case of availability of the PAN details of the direct sellers.
    • TDS @ 20% in the event of non-availability of PAN details
  13. Additional Recommendations from Strategy India

    No commissions/incentives and/or rewards should be generated on purchase/retail marketing/promotional material/Events including Brochures. Posters, Motivational books (hard copy/softcopy), Audio/Video media and Event passes/tickets

  14. Additional Recommendations from Strategy India

    Income/opportunity disclaimer to be the part of the compensation plan literature and should be displayed prominently before or after the presentation of the compensation plan every time.