Strategic Planning

Any organization either at the start-up stage, entering in a new market or otherwise always needs to develop a tool to enable it to reach its desired goals.

It must reflect the thoughts, feelings, ideas, and wants of the leadership and mould them along with the organization's purpose, mission, and regulations into an integrated document.

A strategic plan must be flexible and practical and yet serve as a guide to implementation and execution, along with tools for evaluating how the plans are working out and making adjustments when necessary.

Strategy India enables organizations to plan their business strategy at every stage of the business. This broadly includes:

  • Research & Evaluation – In direct selling, a business strategy requires anin-depth understanding of the market practice, competition from other channels of retail, the customer and their habit, product acceptance and many other relevant information which may influence the acceptance and success of the business. Research is essential whether a new start-up, looking to expand, or seeking new product opportunities. We help to identify the probable key parameters, conduct a research and evaluate the possibilities, before defining a strategy.
    Strategy India provides means and measures for evaluation of strategies of direct selling companies already established in the region and taking corrective steps whenever or wherever needed.
  • Business Strategy Development – Based on the research or -from understanding of the direct selling business and market/consumer habit, Strategy India enables its clients draw an appropriate business strategy with long term and short term delivery objectives.
  • Financial Planning – No business strategy is complete without the financial planning. Strategy India helps and guides the organization to draw a financial road map with projections in terms of revenue, profitability and complete financial structure.