Product Development and Induction

The core of any genuine direct selling business is its products. Hence, developing new products internally or identifying products suitable for business externally, is an ongoing process and equally critical for any growing and evolving Direct Selling Company.

Direct Selling Companies and private investors are constantly seeking new innovative products with which they can build a substantial business.

Based on this, we have taken the responsibility and built a system of seeking out new products and concepts that we feel would be of great benefit to the consumers, distributors and the organization as a whole.

Strategy India has developed a relationship with reputed product manufacturers and service providers both nationally and internationally to find suitable business partners for unique and one-of-a-kind products having high potential in the marketplace.

Strategy India works closely with the product development team of many direct selling companies. From identifying and developing new products to tie-up with existing manufacturers and induction into the company, Strategy India offers a comprehensive end to end strategy and solution.

We investigate and do a proper due diligence of each product thoroughly, checking on its efficacy, reliability, manufacturing processes, claims, acceptability, viability, and legality.

Should you wish to have your product listed with Strategy India or are interested in a product being promoted by us, please complete the form below and submit.