Strategy India – Driving Businesses Ahead

Strategy India - Driving Businesses Ahead

Direct Selling is a billion-dollar industry spread across the globe. Millions of direct sellers are engaged in direct selling around the world as well as in India. The industry provides an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity for people and requires minimal investment. Building a direct selling business is easy once the direct sellers are educated regarding the fundamentals of the industry and know how to proceed forward though it does require hard work. Active direct sellers and their companies can approach a direct selling analyst for assistance to amplify their business growth rate. Strategy India is a leading business analyst that is facilitating businesses to spiral towards success.

Strategy India - Leading Business Analyst

Strategy India is a direct selling analyst consultancy that has undertaken the endeavor to educate people regarding direct selling by making them aware of the guidelines and fundamentals of direct selling. The consultancy has ideated and formulated fundamentals of direct selling after thorough research and analysis. These will be a boon for the direct sellers of the company as well as the attorneys and advocates of direct selling companies. It will assist MLM legal councils to understand the difference between the right and wrong so that they can represent their clients adequately.

As a business analyst, Strategy India helps direct selling companies by developing processes and the right documentation to reinforce the otherwise missing confidence among the managers across the globe. Their services portfolio includes designing expansion strategies, tuning the MLM compensation plans, therefore, raising revenues and success rate.

There are consultancy firms across India and globe who could have stepped forward after seeing the plight of people and educated them regarding the direct selling industry. Still, Strategy India is the first direct selling analyst in the market to take that initiative.

A question arises - "Why did other legal consulting firms or attorneys across the world not think about defining the terminologies?"

Numerous consultancies and attorneys around the country would have had the opportunity to come across a direct selling company. They might have been confused by the lack of well-defined fundamentals regarding the industry. Still, they did not feel the need to define the terminologies for the direct selling industry.

There are a few specific reasons that can be pointed out for the same.

  • MLM legal advisors and consultancies are not aware regarding the fundamentals of the direct selling industry. They are more focused on defending their client direct selling companies and do not realize that in-depth understanding the business model is the right way to deal with the challenge. They feel that their responsibility finishes once they have counseled their clients.
  • It is entirely possible that a few MLM legal advisors may not be interested in educating themselves regarding the fundamental aspects that make direct selling legal. Their priority is business growth. They might have a pure ideology that any business is good business. They are equally happy to represent all clients who claim to be legitimate direct selling companies. In the long run, they are not acting in the best interests of the clients, the customers or themselves.
  • A few MLM legal advisors and consultancies who might have been interested in classifying direct selling legal and illegal companies could be discouraged by their lack of knowledge regarding the topic and how to go about the same. They did not know where to start, what to look for and how to adequately distinguish the ethical from unethical. It could have been a confusing topic for them to analyze. The study would have required extensive resources, years of experience and a well-defined methodology and they might not be able to afford the same.

What makes Strategy India standout?

Strategy India has accomplished that no one has thought of before. They are on a crusade to educate people regarding the fundamentals of the direct selling industry and in the process have become a pioneer in the field of direct selling analyst. Strategy India has been able to accomplish the same because of a few reasons.

Strategy India has Decades of Experience

Strategy India has been in the consulting business for decades. Different departments of government have repeatedly approached them for their expertise as direct selling analyst. They are knowledgeable about various aspects of businesses and marketing and are in a position to determine MLM legal business models.

Strategy India Recognized that there was a Problem

Their experience and the interactions they had with direct selling companies and government over the years helped Strategy India realize that there was a problem. Based on their opinion of the direct selling industry, people could be classified into two camps. One was in favor of the industry and wanted its growth while the other opposed it vigorously. Strategy India wished to end the debate for once and all.

Strategy India Believes in the Direct Selling business model

Once Strategy India recognized the problem, they set forth to find a solution for identifying direct selling legal companies easily. The first step was making themselves aware regarding the fundamentals of the industry. After thorough study and analysis, Strategy India deduced that the MLM legal business model is viable/sustainable and the industry had potential to grow. They wanted to ensure that the reasonable entrepreneurial opportunity direct selling presented could be made available to the common man.

Strategy India Understands that the Direct Selling will help in progress

In a world where economic growth is slowing down, direct selling could be a savior. Ethical Direct Selling is the only industry at this point that offers a solution. The industry is immune to the recession, will continuously grow irrespective of the market scenario and be an optimistic alternative to jobs. People have an opportunity to earn their livelihood honestly by enrolling with direct selling legal companies.

Strategy India Understands The Power Of Knowledge

Making people aware of an opportunity to earn their livelihood is excellent. At the same time, it is essential to ensure that people can distinguish between the ethical and the unethical. Strategy India believes that the only way to accomplish it is by educating people. Once people can differentiate a direct selling legal company from a pyramid or money circulation scheme, they can take the right decision. People will no longer be cheated of their life savings.

Strategy India Undertakes Fact-Based Research-Backed By Data

Strategy India has undertaken research projects in the past and is knowledgeable of the methodology to deduce results applicable to real-world scenarios. It has compiled a database that consists of direct selling legal businesses and 1900+ scams that have occurred in India. Thorough study and analysis of national and international companies have enabled it as a direct selling analyst to define fundamentals clearly which help to draw a line between the ethical and unethical. Strategy India continually monitors emerging companies and analyses 20+ new MLM operations every week.

With an extensive database at its disposal, Strategy India has the required in-depth analysis capability, the experience, and the resources for defining terminologies for efficiently identifying MLM legal operations.

The ideology that drives Strategy India forward is that perfection is unachievable but striving for it is the only way to success. There is always room for improvement, and Strategy India continuously finds ways to accomplish it which has enabled them to become a direct selling analyst trendsetter.