The Indian Direct Selling Scenario

India is a country where opportunities are far lesser and inadequate to support the population as compared to cost of survival. Though subsidies are being proposed by the central government but they only create a short term relief. The rate of crime tends to go higher and higher with every single passing day as opportunities to maintain a particular standard of living reduce.

The retail scenario in India is a very dynamic one. Plenty of opportunities for companies to promote their products if they position them right and conduct the business in an ethical way.

Direct selling model for retail is a little different where the consumers have the opportunity to turn into product advocates. They put up a product for sale only if they are convinced after using a product and then earn money if someone purchases the product from them.

Direct selling is superior to traditional retail because of the power of word of mouth, which cannot be achieved by movie stars or sports stars.

However, the main problem the consumer faces in India is the inadequacy of benchmarks to decide.

This confusion among consumers, distributors of direct selling, direct selling companies and the country’s law enforcement agencies including the Police - Crime branches, Economic offences wings, Serious Fraud Investigation Office, etc is because of absence of guidelines from the centre. This has not only caused people to lose billions of Rupees over last 5 years but also has forced our law enforcement agencies to waste millions of man hours and besides damage to the business and credibility of ethical direct selling companies.

The absence of clear guidelines has not only increased corruption, but also embittered the hearts and minds of people (and officials) against direct selling. This has also snatched away opportunities from millions of people who depend on direct selling to earn a living.

What do we do?

In the world of business, if there are many good and genuine companies there are a lot many more companies that practice fraudulent activities and enter the market with the intention of cheating. These companies lurk around in order to cheat the unsuspecting and disappear one fine day. Our battle is against these types of companies. Therefore, apart from identifying and listing scams using MLM compensation plans we have modules to educate the law enforcement agencies on the differences between ethical direct selling and unethical business models and the ways to investigate while collecting evidences against the company before initiating action and under different scenarios.

We help our client companies understand the real concept of direct selling and the need to constantly manage the business properly to ensure that they do not fall under the scope of money circulation or product based pyramids.

We also help companies in analyzing the data of wealth available in order to filter what is important and essential.

About the company:

We at Strategy India possess more than eighty-five years of knowledge and expertise on direct selling not only in the Indian domain but also in many other countries.

Apart from hand holding direct selling businesses and guiding them at every step of their journey we also create the business plan, corporate trainings, compensation plan, SOP (Standard operating procedures) while keeping in mind the guidelines which would be implemented in the near future.

During the direct selling consultancy, we also deal in the best business practices, legal and compliance related corporate issues, viability checks, corporate expansion and promotions within the company apart from conducting forensic audit of direct selling companies in the global scenario. To know more about the company, visit