Scams & Fraud Audit

At a time, when fraudulent operations deploying the Multilevel (MLM) compensation plans are launched every other day, Forensic Auditing has become an important part of the services that we offer.

Strategy India has a Fraud Audit and Accounting team which consists of specialists investigative accounting in digital formats.

From analysing the financial aspects of an entity to validating assets and standing as an expert witness if alleged fraudulent activity is discovered or the fraud comes to trial, the auditing team has done it all.

Strategy India is fully equipped to work with investigation and law enforcement agencies in analysing fraudulent companies that give direct selling a bad name.

In its effort to help unsuspecting consumers and networkers falling prey to any fraudulent business opportunity, Strategy India identifies fraudulent operations and publishes them on SCAM ALERT page which is updated weekly.

Strategy India also carries out auditing in non-fraud situations like mergers and takeovers apart from guidance on fraud risk governance for direct selling companies.